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Is confirmed by:
  • Completing a satisfactory booking form.
  • By making a payment of 1/3 of the entire hire cost.
  • The balance of the hire cost to be paid 15 days prior to hire commencement. This will secure the booking.

Boating experience

The information below is to help us assess your ability. It is essential that you are accurate in your answers to ensure that you are covered by insurance in the event of any claim. You do not need any qualifications to rent our boats, however, there must be at least one member (preferably two) of who must have a sound knowledge of boating and safety afloat. Skippers must be over 25 years of age.

Another option is to obtain the Day Skipper (online course $165) certificate.

Postponing the hire should be considered in case of the poor and possibly dangerous boating conditions, such as strong winds, 0.5m sea in open water, and a swell height more than a metre. Maximum wind speed - 15 knots.

Check a boating forecast in advance

Booking forms

Hires are available until 1 Feb 2022

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